Ethical Issues in Research with Invasive and Non-Invasive Neural Devices in Humans


October 26, 2017


This event will be available for live viewing via NIH videocast.

This one-day workshop, organized by the NIH Clinical Center Department of Bioethics in association with the Neuroethics Division of the Multi Council Working Group of the NIH BRAIN Initiative, will consider ethical issues and practical approaches specific to research with invasive and non-invasive neural devices. The day will start with a brief overview of the state of the science with neural devices (session 1), followed by three sessions to discuss ethical challenges and solutions: risk and invasiveness, challenges in informed consent, and post-trial responsibilities. The goal of the workshop will be to draft points to consider on these topics for investigators, IRB members, and BRAIN Initiative program officers, as well as to identify areas where more research and guidance is needed. The event will be broadcast via NIH videocast and archived for later viewing.

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