Job Opportunities

Interested in the big picture? NIH seeks bold, visionary scientists and physicians with a broad knowledge of neuroscience to support The BRAIN Initiative®. As a BRAIN Program Director or Analyst, you will conceive and develop large-scale funding initiatives, organize workshops, and interact with leading neuroscientists throughout the world. Successful candidates will join a highly interactive group of scientists and clinicians applying their basic, translational, and clinical experience and expertise in all areas of neuroscience. The ambitious goal of accelerating the development and application of innovative neurotechnologies to revolutionize our understanding of the human brain will not be possible without the contributions of creative, flexible, and engaging scientific program staff - apply today!

Program Director 

NIH is Seeking Qualified Scientists to Serve as Program Directors for The BRAIN Initiative®

Do you have a vision for the future of neuroscience research and the role of new technologies in determining how neural circuits function? Would you like to play a leadership role in a program that engages the world's top scientists to open entirely new pathways to discovery? Would you be excited by the opportunity to contribute to amazing technological advances and innovation?

The BRAIN Initiative® is an ambitious scientific program to develop the needed tools and understand how brain circuit activity enables thought and behavior. At NIH, Program Directors play a pivotal role in shaping The BRAIN initiative® by designing and planning funding initiatives, advising applicants prior to submission, developing and presenting funding plans to NIH Institute Directors and Advisory Councils, and managing and optimizing research efforts in support of specific grant programs. At each step in the process, Program Directors operate from a unique perspective that requires conveying scientific expertise and knowledge of the funding process to scientists, clinicians and policy professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds.

For The BRAIN Initiative®, you will work in a highly interactive environment with staff from ten NIH Institutes and Centers that fund different facets of neuroscience research (NINDS, NIMH, NIDA, NIBIB, NICHD, NEI, NIA, NCCIH, NIAAA, NIDCD). Your expertise in specific areas of neuroscience and/or technology development will inform the implementation of the initiative's strategic goals as laid out in the landmark report, BRAIN 2025: A Scientific Vision(PDF - 1.2 MB) (PDF). You will collaborate with Program Managers from other agencies that contribute to The BRAIN Initiative®, including NSF, DARPA, FDA, and IARPA, as well as scientists and staff from non-profit and private groups such as the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Kavli Foundation, and the Simons Foundation. Your efforts will be evaluated and discussed by the BRAIN Multi-Council Working Group, an oversight body that includes some of the world's foremost leaders in neuroscience.

Program Director candidates are typically early-to-mid-career independent research scientists. Preferred qualities include fundamental curiosity that spans beyond one's area of specific expertise, flexibility and organizational skills to tackle diverse challenges and strategic goals, ability to engage a variety of stakeholders and discuss scientific concepts at different levels of complexity, ability to work in a team environment, and interest in taking on leadership roles in varying contexts.

Multiple openings are anticipated, with specific interest in expertise for the following areas:

  • Cellular and molecular neuroscience, especially with focus on technologies and approaches for cellular phenotyping, functional and structural circuit mapping, or development of molecular genetic tools.
  • Neuroengineering and neurotechnology development, especially for recording and manipulating neural activity in experimental animal models or in humans.
  • Neural imaging and non-invasive neuromodulation, especially with expertise in technologies and approaches for human applications.
  • Systems neuroscience, especially with expertise in experiments and analysis of neural activity in behaving animals and/or humans.
  • Computational and theoretical neuroscience, with interest and expertise in brain network functions at multiple scales.

Potential candidates should send a letter of interest and c.v. to Interested individuals are encouraged to respond as soon as possible to ensure consideration.