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Dissecting Sensorimotor Pathways Underlying Social Interactions: Models, Circuits, and Behavior
NIH Director’s Blog: The Symphony Inside Your Brain News
NIMH Director's Blog: Brain Awareness News
Video of Remarks by NIH Director Collins and the President News
Fact Sheet: BRAIN Initiative News
Video of Open for Questions with NIH Director Francis Collins ( News
WhiteHouse.Gov Blog: BRAIN Initiative Challenges Researchers to Unlock Mysteries of Human Mind News
NIH Director’s Blog: Welcoming the BRAIN Initiative ® News
The NIH BRAIN Initiative News
The BRAIN Initiative® on Charlie Rose News
White House Infographic News
White House Fact Sheet: Over $300 Million in Support of the President’s BRAIN Initiative (PDF, 300kB) News
Video of Dr. Cori Bargmann on BRAIN Initiative News
From The White House remarks president brain initiative News
BRAIN: Launching America’s Next Moonshot (NIH Director’s Blog) News
BRAIN Feedback Blog: Initial Wave of NIH Grants and Private Investments Announced for BRAIN Initiative News
Neuroethics Workshop 2014 Summary News
More Groups Join Project on the Brain News
A Hubble Telescope for the Mind News
Brainstormers: Obama’s big research push kicks off with a meeting of the minds News
BRAIN Initiative Update: Q&A with Neuroscientist Cornelia Bargmann News
Sebastian Seung’s Quest to Map the Human Brain News
Wearable Brain Scanner Measures Activity on the Go News
Setting Limits for Testing Brains News
Scientists can manipulate a mouse’s brain circuitry News
Lighting the Brain: Karl Deisseroth and the optogenetics breakthrough News
Brain implant trials raise ethical concerns News
How a Transparent Fish May Help Decode the Brain News
From neurosis to neurons News
A Scientist Deploys Light And Sound To Reveal The Brain News
These Stunning Images Will Take You On A Journey Through The Brain News
Cori Bargmann Puts Her Mind to How the Brain Works News
Teamwork is the key to unlocking the brain's secrets News
This Camera Records The Thinking Brain News
The observer corps News
Society for Neuroscience Satellite Event - The BRAIN InitiativeSM in 2015: Updates and Outreach Event
The BRAIN Initiative in 2015®: Updates and Outreach Speakers and Panelists News
BRAIN Initiative Program for Industry Partnerships to Facilitate Early Access Neuromodulation and Recording Devices for Human Clinical Studies Event
Society for Neuroscience Theme H Poster Session: NIH contributions to the BRAIN Initiative Event
BRAIN Initiative Investigators Kickoff Meeting Event
Full Workshop Summary: Defining Cellular Phenotype News
Workshop Summary: Defining Cellular Phenotype Event
Workshop: BRAIN Initiative Program for Industry Partnerships to Facilitate Early Access Neuromodulation and Recording Devices for Human Clinical Studies Event
BRAIN Initiative Multi-Council Working Group Meeting-July 30, 2015 Event
Francis Collins Presentation at Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting Event
NIH BRAIN Multi-Council Working Group
The BRAIN Initiative® in 2015: Updates and Outreach Event
NIH invests $85 million for BRAIN Initiative research  News
From The White House  News
NIH approves high-priority research within BRAIN Initiative  News
NIH announces six funding opportunities for the BRAIN Initiative in fiscal 2014 News
NIH embraces bold, 12-year scientific vision for BRAIN Initiative News
NIH awards initial $46 million for BRAIN Initiative research News
NIH-funded research lays groundwork for next-generation prosthetics News
Past Working Groups Strategic planning