Investigative Human Neuroscience


NIH BRAIN Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) for investigative human neuroscience studies range from projects with exploratory aims (U01, 3-year) to team-research projects with extensive and elaborated goals (U01, 5-year). These FOAs are part of a larger BRAIN Functional Circuits program that encompasses a family of "Integrated and Quantitative Approaches to Understanding Circuits" grant mechanisms (see Table below). 

Awardees from the Investigative Human Neuroscience FOAs collaborate in a Research Opportunities in Humans Consortium work group, coordinated by the NIH, to identify consensus standards of practice as well as supplemental opportunities to collect and provide data for ancillary studies, and to aggregate and standardize data for dissemination among the wider scientific community.

Investigative Human Neuroscience

FOAs Exploratory Projects
to establish feasibility/validity
Research Projects
toward extensive, elaborated goals
Individual Lab or Small Multi-PI team
  • Targeted BRAIN Circuits Planning Projects: Targeted BCPP (R34, 2-yr)
  • Exploratory Research Opportunities in Humans: ResOppHu (U01, 2/3-yr)
Multi-Component, Team-Research Science
  • Exploratory Team-Research BRAIN Circuit Programs: eTeamBCP (U01, 3-yr)
  • Team-Research BRAIN Circuit Programs: TeamBCP (U19, 5/10-yr)
  Theories, Models and Methods of Analysis of Complex Data-TMM (R01, 3-yr)


Below is the tentative projected timeline for the NIH BRAIN FOAs for investigative human neuroscience studies, which include projects with exploratory aims (U01, 2/3-year) that are meant to enable team-research projects with extensive and elaborated goals (U01, 5-year). 



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