A 100MM Scale Single Unit Neural Recording Probe Using IR-Based Powering and Communication

University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
Blaauw, David

Wireless, small, injectable neural recording modules have been a long-standing goal in neuroscience. Blaauw’s team presents a new approach for recording and transmitting neural signals at the single- neuron level, using fully-wireless, 100x100μm-sized micro-probe implants (mProbes). mProbes can be injected into the brain at nearly unlimited locations in the sub-arachnoid space. The fully wireless nature afforded by near-infra-red transmitters and receivers of the mProbes reduces implant complexity and risk of complications (e.g., infection and cerebrospinal leakage), and enables mechanical isolation of the implanted probe that is critical for minimizing tissue damage. Functional testing will be done in the rat motor cortex. This technology will allow controlled placement of large numbers of independent wireless neural interfaces that could be useful for brain-machine interface applications.

University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
United States
42° 16' 40.9584" N, 83° 44' 17.6064" W
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