3D-Fast Optical Interface for Rapid Volumetric Neural Sensing and Modulation

University Of Colorado Denver
Gibson, Emily Welle, Cristin G (contact)

To further our understanding of how neural circuits function, we need tools that can collect simultaneous measurements from large populations of neurons involved in a common neural computation and provide precise functional modulation. Current optical imaging in awake animals expressing calcium indicators provides spatial and temporal precision, but limitations include small fields-of-view (encompassing single brain regions) and head-fixation requirements that prevents naturalistic behavior. Welle and Gibson propose an optical interface that uses novel hardware and computational strategies to allow for fast 3D-imaging (3D-FAST), precisely-patterned optogenetic stimulation, and closed-loop recording in freely-moving animals. They will test the technology in rodents and record from and modulate thousands of neurons to lay the ground for additional behavioral experiments in untethered animals.

University Of Colorado Denver
United States
39° 44' 47.004" N, 105° 0' 8.3988" W
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