3D Printed Multifunctional Brain Windows for Simultaneous Optical Imaging and Electrophysiology

Applied Universal Dynamics Corporation
Kodandaramaiah, Suhasa B (contact) Mcalpine, Michael

A mechanistic understanding of the neuronal underpinnings of sensory perception, action, emotion, and cognition requires measuring activities of these neuronal circuits at single cell resolution across several millimeters, and at multiple temporal scales. However, methods providing high spatial resolution often lack concurrent high temporal resolution and vice versa, creating technical challenges. Working with Applied Universal Dynamics Corporation, Dr. Kodandaramaiah and team plan to engineer and commercially disseminate digitally generated, functionalized cranial prostheses (“brain windows”) that combine wide‐field optical imaging with concurrent electrical recordings of neuronal activities for widefield activity mapping of the whole cortex during behavior. These developments will inform fundamentally new experimental paradigms in mice and enable new insights into the neuronal computations that underlie sensory perception, action and cognitive processes.

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