4D Transcranial Acoustoelectric Imaging for High Resolution Functional Mapping of Neuronal Currents

University Of Arizona
Witte, Russell S (contact)

Achieving high spatiotemporal resolution with non-invasive electrophysiology measurements continues to be a challenge for human neuroscience. One promising method is transcranial acoustoelectric brain imaging (tABI), which uses an ultrasound beam to safely and briefly alter brain tissue conductivity. The rapid detection of these modulations overcomes limitations in conventional electroencephalography that can result in signal blurring. Here, Dr. Witte and a multidisciplinary team of investigators aim to develop, validate and implement tABI for noninvasive functional mapping of neural currents deep in the human brain through the skull. The success of this approach would demonstrate a safe and revolutionary modality for mapping brain electrical activities, enabling future work to transform our understanding of brain function.

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