Automating whole brain connectomics: development, validation, and application of an open toolkit

University Of Vermont & St Agric College
Bock, Davi

Advancements in 3D electron microscopy have provided a wealth of neuronal circuit data for the whole fruit fly brain, but current, manual analysis techniques are very slow and tedious. Dr. Bock and his team aim to disseminate their whole-brain EM data via the web-based circuit-mapping and analysis platform CATMAID, as well as develop new automated tools and software to investigate circuit structure. Fruitfly neurobiologists accessing CATMAID will be able to perform morphology-based neuron searches for segmentation-assisted circuit reconstructions, eventually using this software to guide additional infrastructure development. The proposed research should accelerate circuit mapping in the fruit fly brain, extend to other model systems, and allow individual labs to form and manage collaborations on a managed server.

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