BIDS-Derivatives: A data standard for derived data and models in The BRAIN Initiative®

Stanford University
Poldrack, Russell A

The proliferation and heterogeneity of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) experiments, data analysis pipelines, and statistical modeling procedures presents a challenge for effective data sharing and collaboration. Russell Poldrack and colleagues propose expansion of the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS), which standardizes the description and collection of imaging data/metadata for MRI, with development plans for other neuroimaging types as well. Under BIDS, the group will develop standards for pre-processing data pipelines, computational modeling results, and statistical modeling, using quick validation of any implemented standard so that researchers can assess whether their data fit within BIDS guidelines. These standardization goals will facilitate sharing of data, modeling, and results, ensuring their usability and engaging the greater research community in developing highly useable data standards.

Stanford University
United States
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