A Brain Circuit Program for Understanding the Sensorimotor Basis of Behavior

California Institute Of Technology
Clandinin, Thomas Robert Dickinson, Michael H (contact) Druckmann, Shaul Mann, Richard S Murray, Richard M Tuthill, John Comber Wilson, Rachel
The coordination amongst components of the central nervous system to guide sensorimotor behavior requires an understanding of exactly how these modules interact, from low-level transmissions guiding individual muscles, to high-level communications for complex behavior. Michael Dickinson and a multi-disciplinary team of experts will develop a theory of Drosophila fruit fly behavior that incorporates neural processes and feedback across hierarchical levels, using methods developed from their prior BRAIN effort. Here, the team plans to use synergistic approaches – genetics, electrophysiology, imaging, biomechanics, behavior analysis, and computational methods – to understand feedback and the flow of information within and across different processing stages in the awake, intact fly brain. By investigating these hierarchical levels with parallel approaches, this project has the potential to provide a fundamental synthesis of how the central nervous system generates behavior.
California Institute Of Technology
United States
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