C-PAC: A configurable, compute-optimized, cloud-enabled neuroimaging analysis software for reproducible translational and comparative

Child Mind Institute, Inc.
Craddock, Richard Cameron Milham, Michael Peter (contact)

Novel neuromodulation, recording, and imaging techniques applied to human and non- human primate brains generate datasets that require tools for organizing, processing and analyzing data that are widely available and easy to use. Drs. Milham and Craddock plan to extend C-PAC (Configurable Pipeline for the Analysis of Connectomes), building a configurable data analysis pipeline that incorporates various statistical analysis, machine learning, and network analytic techniques. In addition to adapting methods used in human imaging for non-human primate data, the project will implement a toolbox for alignment of electrophysiological data with brain imaging data. The resulting software enables high- throughput, semiautomated and end-to-end processing and analysis of structural and functional MRI data that are accessed locally or via the cloud.

Child Mind Institute, Inc.
United States
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