A Cellular Resolution Census of the Developing Human Brain

University Of California, San Francisco
Huang, Eric J Kriegstein, Arnold (contact)
Scientists have yet to achieve high-resolution classification of the billions of neurons and non-neuronal cells in the human brain. To attempt this feat, Arnold Kriegstein and Eric Huang will perform high-throughput, droplet-based single-cell RNA and transposase-accessible chromatin sequencing techniques to collect genetic and epigenetic information from individual cells, which will be sampled from multiple regions of post-mortem human brains that are developmentally between early gestation and adolescence. They will further classify living neurons cultured from select brain regions based on their calcium imaging responses to various chemical stimuli. Finally, they plan to use multiplexed single-molecule fluorescent in situ hybridization (smFISH) to identify the spatial distribution of these various cell types in the brain. After these data are compiled, we will have the most detailed picture to date of genetically and functionally defined cell types in the human brain throughout development.
University Of California, San Francisco
United States
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