A compact, modular two-photon fiber-coupled microscope for in vivo all-optical electrophysiology

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Gibson, Emily Kilborn, Karl (contact)

Studies with freely-moving animals often encounter technical impediments that prevent the recording and perturbation of neural activity at cellular resolution. Working with Intelligent Imaging Innovations Inc (3I), Dr. Karl Kilborn and team will evaluate the feasibility of constructing a compact, stand-alone system that uses a laser source to perform fast, volumetric interrogation of cortical circuits in awake, behaving animals. They will validate the use of a two-photon, fiber-coupled microscope that can transmit light to optogenetically-targeted brain areas, as well as record biochemical signals from the same (or even different) brain areas. The success of this project will greatly increase the types of experiments that can be conducted in freely-moving animals, leading to a better understanding of the links between complex neural activity and behavior.

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