Connectome 2.0: Developing the next generation human MRI scanner for bridging studies of the micro-, meso- and macro-connectome

Massachusetts General Hospital
Basser, Peter J. Huang, Susie Yi Rosen, Bruce R (contact) Wald, Lawrence L Witzel, Thomas

Understanding the structural basis of brain function requires spanning multiple spatial scales, from synaptic circuits to whole-brain systems, but current technology is limited in its ability to successfully integrate across these scales. Dr. Bruce Rosen and a team of investigators propose the development of a human magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner that images brain structural connectivity in-vivo. Building upon previous work from the Human Connectome Project (HCP), these tools will advance brain imaging with the capability of estimating cellular and axon level microstructural brain circuits at very high resolution. The project will have the potential to significantly expand our knowledge on hierarchical anatomy and functionality of both healthy and diseased human brains, with impact on both neuroscience research and clinical applications.

Massachusetts General Hospital
United States
42° 21' 48.2004" N, 71° 4' 7.14" W
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