Developing novel chemo-optogenetic tools for in vivo applications

University Of Utah
Lam, Pui Ying

Optogenetics and chemo-optogenetics are emerging tools for neuroscience research, providing ways to modulate cell function with light. However, current limitations for these tools include limited ability to target cells deep in the brain, the relatively small effects they elicit, and safety concerns over long-term use. Dr. Lam proposes to develop new chemo-optogenetic tools to address these issues, based on the TRPA1 and TRPV1 receptor channels. Further, she will develop this technology for in vivo use, testing its utility in behavioral assays of zebrafish. The work will improve our ability to understand brain circuit function, and will create a platform for the discovery of other novel chemo-optogenetic approaches that mimic natural cell activity.

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