Early Feasibility Clinical Trial of a Visual Cortical Prosthesis

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.
Dorn, Jessy D (contact) Greenberg, Robert Jay Pouratian, Nader

Currently, a recently developed retinal prosthesis, the Argus® II, restores vision to over 200 patients with retinitis pigmentosa. Argus II electrically stimulates the retina, inducing visual perception. However, retinal implants can only help a small subset of the millions of people suffering from profound blindness. In this early feasibility clinical trial, Greenberg’s team will implant (and test) a prosthesis on the medial surface of the visual cortex. Building on the platform of the Argus II, the proposed prosthesis will electrically stimulate the visual cortex, to restore visual perception. This project could help restore useful vision to many people with blindness from disorders like diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma, or damage to the eyes, optic nerve, or thalamus. 

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.
United States
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