Foundations of MRI Corticography for mesoscale organization and neuronal circuitry

University Of California Berkeley
Feinberg, David Alan
While functional MRI (fMRI) with low spatial resolution is useful for capturing a picture of dynamic activity across the entire brain, performing fMRI at high-resolution may accurately distinguish neuronal activity in cortical layers and columns. Feinberg and his colleagues plan to use recently developed high-resolution fMRI techniques with a number of other techniques, including optogenetics, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and electrocorticography, to identify and stimulate the various aspects of neural activity that drive the fMRI signal. These measurements will enable bridging neuronal activity to the level of cortical layers and columns identifiable in high-resolution fMRI signals to help better understand the underlying biology of non-invasive imaging of brain circuitry.
University Of California Berkeley
United States
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