Optimizing peripheral stimulation parameters to modulate the sensorimotor cortex for post-stroke motor recovery

University Of California, San Francisco
Ganguly, Karunesh
Somatsensory peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) has had some success in improving recovery of hand motor function for stroke patients, but benefits are not consistent for all patients. PNS tailored to maximize recovery requires greater understanding of how stimulation interacts with cortical neurophysiological dynamics in the region impacted by the stroke. Ganguly and colleagues will employ a translational approach using animal model systems and human patients to study the link between PNS and changes in cortical activity in a dose-dependent manner. This work will elucidate how PNS modulates cortical activity and subsequent motor behavior, leading to the development of highly individualized PNS treatments for maximal restoration of function.
University Of California, San Francisco
United States
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