Single cell transcriptional and epigenomic atlas of the macaque brain across the lifespan

University Of Washington
Platt, Michael L Shendure, Jay Ashok Snyder-mackler, Noah (contact)

Molecular profiling, though common in rodent models, has not been extensively applied to the brains of more evolutionarily related model organisms, like Rhesus macaques. To gain insight into what genes are turned on and off in neurons and how that activity changes across the lifespan, Drs. Snyder-Mackler, Platt, Shendure, and colleagues will develop a comprehensive, single-cell molecular atlas of the macaque brain using epigenetic and transcriptomic sequencing of 25 brain regions. This resource of over 16 millions cells will be shared with the research community to allow for more detailed mapping of macaque brains that could eventually help us to better understand human brains.

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