Technologies for spatiotemporally precise & closed-loop control of selected neurons to prevent epileptic seizures

University Of Michigan
Ahmed, Omar Jamil
Although focal seizures start in subsets of neurons in specific brain regions, most anti-epileptic drugs are non-specific in their actions. Further, although optogenetics can be used to modulate cells expressing a specific genetic marker, those targeted cells may still have varying behavioral or clinical roles. When combined with two-photon imaging, recent innovations in digital holography using spatial light modulators (SLM) now make it possible to target visually-selected neurons for optogenetic interventions. Dr. Ahmed’s team will employ an SLM photoactivation module, which was newly developed by Bruker, to understand single neuron dynamics during seizures. The team will also implement closed-loop control of SLM-based optogenetics in mice to terminate seizures in real time by targeting a minimal number of neurons. The team will share this new software with the wider community.
University Of Michigan
United States
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