LabRoots Announces Neuroscience 2020 Virtual Conference to Promote Research Worldwide and The NIH BRAIN Initiative

On March 11th, LabRoots will be hosting approximately 15,000 neuroscience researchers, clinicians, and scientists from around the globe who are dedicated to understanding the brain and nervous system. The annual, free Neuroscience Virtual Event will capture emerging developments in Neuroscience and the impact brain research has on society, together with the latest innovations.

LabRoots 8th Annual Neuroscience Virtual Conference

LabRoots is excited to present the 8th Annual Neuroscience Virtual Conference, to be broadcasted live on March 11, 2020. This distinguished, online-only, event is free to attend and will once again bring together the neuroscience community to discuss and present the newest advances in understanding the human brain, neuropsychiatric disorders, and behavorial processes as it relates to the brain function. The theme for this years event is, "Brain Function: In Health and In Disease," and will include the following tracks and topics: 1.