Public-Private Partnership Program: Memorandum of Understanding

The purpose of this document is to describe the nature of the Public-Private Partnership program and the signatory company's agreement to participate in the program. The document goes over the process under which Collaborative Research Agreements will be reached with academic researchers wishing to use the company's device(s) prior to their submission of NIH grant applications. Each signatory company has provided a description of the materials and support it is willing to make available for this purpose (see Devices and Support from Specific Manufacturers), and has agreed to use the template Collaborative Research Agreement for partnering with research institutions for this program. Drafts of this and other documents were the focus of specific discussions at a June 2015 BRAIN Initiative workshop titled, “Industry Partnerships to Facilitate Early Access Neuromodulation and Recording Devices for Human Clinical Studies.” Information on the workshop and links to videocast proceedings are available in the June 2015 Workshop event materials. at