This is a template document to be used for agreements between device manufacturers and academic research institutions to form partnerships for submission of grant applications to the NIH for clinical research. 

The Human Neocortical Neurosolver (HNN) is a new user-friendly software package for circuit level interpretation of human EEG/MEG data. The foundation of HNN is a computational neural model that simulates the electrical activity of the neocortical cells and circuits that generate the primary electrical currents underlying EEG/MEG recordings. HNN is a free open source package that was designed for researchers and clinicians, without computational neural modeling experience, to develop and test hypothesis on the circuit origin of their data.

This Blueprint-funded Resource supports the design, creation, and characterization of Cre-recombinase-expressing ("Cre-Driver") mouse lines on the C57B1/6 background, which can be used to drive expression of reporter genes and conditional-ready alleles in the mouse nervous system. A MATLAB toolbox used in the paper that can be used to plug in other cell-type transcriptomes to infer their spatial distribution in the mouse brain.

clusterExperiment, an open source R package, provides functions for executing, evaluating and visualizing many different clusterings of experimental data, including data from single cell RNA-Seq studies.

This template document can be signed by academic researchers to allow confidential discussions of proprietary details with a given company regarding the capabilities of a device for the conduct of clinical research.

Visualization software for interactive graphs of high-dimensional data.
BRAIN Project: NSF1533708

Open-source software for intracranial electrode localization and visualization.

BRAIN Project: MH111439

Performs causal mediation analysis under confounding or correlated errors.

BRAIN Project: EB022911

Monte Carlo simulator of cellular microphysiology.

BRAIN Project: NSF1707356

Graphical user interface (GUI) for automatic cell finding and point based registration from whole-slide images.

BRAIN Project: MH109062