This Blueprint-funded Resource supports the design, creation, and characterization of Cre-recombinase-expressing ("Cre-Driver") mouse lines on the C57B1/6 background, which can be used to drive expression of reporter genes and conditional-ready alleles in the mouse nervous system. A MATLAB toolbox used in the paper that can be used to plug in other cell-type transcriptomes to infer their spatial distribution in the mouse brain.

clusterExperiment, an open source R package, provides functions for executing, evaluating and visualizing many different clusterings of experimental data, including data from single cell RNA-Seq studies.

FastProject analyzes a gene expression matrix and produces a dynamic output report in which two-dimensional projections of the data can be explored. Annotated gene sets (referred to as 'signatures') are incorporated so that features in the projections can be understood in relation to the biological processes they might represent. FastProject provides a novel method of scoring each cell against a gene signature so as to minimize the effect of missed transcripts as well as a method to rank signature-projection pairings so that meaningful associations can be quickly identified.