Functions for estimating structural equation models using instrumental variables.

BRAIN Project: EB022904

Neurophysiological spike sorting software.

BRAIN Project: NS090537

P-value-based dependence detection, simulation, and multiple testing correction.

BRAIN Project: MH111416 

Open-source Python package for analysis of neuroelectrophysiology data.

BRAIN Project: NSF1550994

Python package for simulation and analysis of neuronal networks using the NEURON simulator.

BRAIN Project: EB022903

MATLAB software package for extracting neural activity codes.

BRAIN Project: EB022862

Suite of tools to analyze and graph imaging data.

BRAIN Project: NSF1707298

Simulation software for computational neurophysiology.

BRAIN Project: EB022903

Github repository of tools for converting data files into persistence diagrams and distance matrices. 

BRAIN Project: EB022899

Web portal that allows free access to supercomputing resources for large scale modeling and data processing.

BRAIN Project: NSF1458840