MEG/EEG analysis toolbox for reconstructing neural activation and overlaying it onto structural MR images.

BRAIN Project: EB022717

Open-source neural simulation toolbox.

BRAIN Project: NSF1734980

A Python API for working with Neurodata stored in the NWB (Neurodata without Borders) format.

Python Rayleigh-Sommerfeld integral for acoustics with optional CUDA graphics processing unit (GPU) implementation.

BRAIN Project: MH109105

Open-source software for laser scanning microscopy, electrophysiology, and laser scanning photostimulation.

BRAIN Project: MH110021, NS094246

Two-photon microscope control software with multi-area capabilities.

BRAIN Project: NS090475

Open-source software for interictal seizure onset zone classification using intracranial EEG data.

BRAIN Project: NS095495

MATLAB code for analyzing and modeling waves of seizure activity.

BRAIN Project: NSF1451384

Software for use with the compact Acousto-Optic Lens Microscope (AOLM) .

BRAIN Project: NS099689

Software tool to facilitate tractography‐based deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrode targeting.