Past Working Groups

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Past BRAIN Working Group

The Advisory Committee to the NIH Director (ACD) working group is a high-level working group established by NIH Director Francis Collins to help shape the vision of The BRAIN Initiative®. The working group, co-chaired by Dr. Cornelia “Cori” Bargmann (The Rockefeller University) and Dr. William Newsome (Stanford University), incorporated broad input from the scientific community, patient advocates, and the general public. Their report, released in June 2014 and enthusiastically endorsed by the ACD, articulated the scientific goals of The BRAIN Initiative® and developed a multi-year scientific plan for achieving these goals, including timetables, milestones, and cost estimates.

Advisory Committee to the Director, Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Working Group, Final Report

ACD Interim Report: Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Working Group (PDF - 923 KB)

Charge: NIH BRAIN Working Group-Charge (PDF - 106 KB)
Roster: NIH BRAIN Working Group-Roster (PDF - 114 KB)

ACD Planning Meeting to Discuss The BRAIN Initiative®

May 29, 2013, San Francisco, CA
Focus: Molecular approaches
View the May 29, 2013 Agenda (PDF - 441 KB)

June 26, 2013, New York, NY
Focus: Large-scale recording technologies
View the June 26, 2013 Agenda (PDF - 137 KB)

July 29, 2013, Boston, MA
Focus: Computation, theory, and big data
View the July 29, 2013 Agenda (PDF - 124 KB)

August 29, 2013, Minneapolis, MN
Focus: Human Neuroscience
View the August 29, 2013 Agenda (PDF - 431 KB)