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Scientific Program Team Contact Information

Brain Cells & Circuits Analysis 

Dr. David Panchision, NIMH

Dr. Olivier Berton, NIDA


Neural Recording & Modulation/Technology Development & Human Studies 

Dr. Nick B. Langhals, NINDS

Dr. Theresa Cruz, NICHD


Neuroimaging Technologies Across Scales 

Dr. Shumin Wang, NIBIB

Dr. Erin Burke Quinlan, NCCIH


Training, Inclusion, and Equity 

Dr. Jay Churchill, NIMH

Dr. Ivana Grakalic, NIAAA



Dr. Kari Ashmont, NIBIB

Dr. Meg Grabb, NIMH


Integrated Approaches 

Dr. Jim Gnadt, NINDS

Dr. Mauricio Rangel-Gomez, NIMH



Dr. Jay Churchill, NIMH

Dr. Nina Hsu, NINDS


Data / Informatics 

Dr. Ming Zhan, NIMH


BRAIN Coordinating Team

Dr. David Shurtleff, NCCIH

Dr. Martha Flanders, NEI

Dr. Molly Wagster, NIA

Dr. Antonio Noronha, NIAAA

Dr. Jill Heemskerk, NIBIB

Dr. Deborah Henken, NICHD

Dr. Susan Weiss, NIDA

Dr. Amy Poremba, NIDCD

Dr. Greg Farber, NIMH

Dr. Edmund Talley, NINDS


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