The BRAIN Initiative is comprised of a network of federal and non-federal partners funding research with an aim of advancing tool and technology development to revolutionize our understanding of the human brain.  Access to these Initiative-funded tools and technologies as well as to publications from BRAIN-funded investigators, webinars, videos, and more is openly available through various databases and repositories.

The BRAIN Initiative Alliance Researcher Tools

The mission of the BRAIN Initiative Alliance (BIA) is to coordinate and facilitate communications about BRAIN Initiative funding opportunities, announcements, events and research outcomes. The BIA is comprised of federal and non-federal members and affiliates whose missions align with the BRAIN Initiative. The BIA maintains a toolmakers’ database designed to provide access to a list of tools and technologies created by BRAIN-funded investigators that are ready to be used and shared by the researcher community. Filter your searches based on the funding organization, including those tools funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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The NIH BRAIN Initiative U24 Funded Tools and Resources

The National Institute’s of Health (NIH) BRAIN Initiative U24 funding opportunity provides up to five years of support to projects aiming to broadly disseminate developed and validated tools and resources, that are highly relevant to specific goals of the BRAIN Initiative. A list of tools and technologies that are being disseminated by funded by U24 projects is available. 

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Research and Training at the National Institutes of Health

Explore and utilize a wide range of resources, funding opportunities, and training programs to advance your scientific knowledge, develop professional skills, and contribute to the mission of the National Institutes of Health.

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The BRAIN Initiative Alliance Resources

Participating federal and non-federal members of the BRAIN Initiative Alliance (BIA) offer a repository of programs, multimedia resources, workshops, and webinars. Learn more about the brain and latest research advancements by visiting available BIA resources.

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Featured Resources

Learn about the strategic plans, groundbreaking ideas, and areas of research that serve as the foundation for the BRAIN Initiative’s innovative approaches to improving our understanding of the brain.

Plan for Enhancing Diverse Perspectives
Review a component that is a part of many NIH BRAIN Initiative funding opportunities and asks researchers to include how diverse perspectives can advance their proposed scientific aims.

The BRAIN Initiative 2025 Report
Read the strategic plan that outlines a vision and roadmap for neuroscience research.

NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research 
Explore resources and tools developed with support from the NIH Blueprint, a collaborative framework that includes the NIH Office of the Director and multiple NIH Institutes and Centers that support research on the nervous system.