Research Overview

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Data Science and Informatics  

Supporting the advancement of data science research, promoting effective data sharing and reuse, and building the informatics infrastructure needed to effectively archive, integrate, interpret, and visualize data across all areas of BRAIN Initiative research. 

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Supporting projects that focus on dissemination of validated tools and resources for basic, translational, or clinical research in BRAIN Initiative-relevant areas. 

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Human Neuroscience  

Supporting human research studies that use advanced technologies to investigate the structure, function, and connectivity of the human brain. 

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Neural Recording and Modulation  

Supporting the development and optimization of new tools and technologies for modulation and recording of cellular or near cellular resolution signals of the central nervous system and the biology and biophysics underlying those technologies. 

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Supporting neuroethics research projects that examine the ethical and societal implications of BRAIN-funded tools and technologies.  

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Neuroimaging Technologies Across Scales  

Supporting new imaging technologies for the study of function and connectivity varying in resolution from synapses to the whole brain. 

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Systems Neuroscience  

Supporting research that explores how circuit activity gives rise to mental experience and behavior using innovative and methodologically integrated approaches. 

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Tools and Technologies for Brain Cells and Circuits  

Supporting efforts to define, catalogue, map, access, and characterize the diverse cell types and their functions in the brain across species. 

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Training, Inclusion, and Equity  

Supporting the development of early-stage investigators and initiatives to enhance the diversity of the biomedical workforce. 

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