Marie Suver, PhD

2019 K99/R00 Awardee
photo of Marie Suver
NYU Neuroscience Institute
Postdoctoral Fellow

Marie Suver is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Neuroscience Institute at NYU Langone Health. She obtained her bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Computer Science at the University of Washington. Marie later earned her PhD in Computation and Neural Systems at the California Institute of Technology, working in the lab of Dr. Michael Dickinson, where she studied behavioral neuromodulation of visual circuits. As a postdoc in the lab of Dr. Katherine Nagel at the NYU Neuroscience Institute, Marie characterized novel central circuits underlying mechanosensation in the fruit fly. To study concrete neural circuits underlying sensory-motor coordination, Marie takes advantage of a broad array of tools including genetics, electrophysiology in behaving animals, modeling, and machine learning tools for quantitative behavioral analysis. She was recently awarded the Leon Levy Fellowship in Neuroscience. In her current work, Marie is developing tools to establish the fruit fly as a model for understanding mechanisms of active sensing.

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