Workshop: BRAIN Initiative Program for Industry Partnerships to Facilitate Early Access Neuromodulation and Recording Devices for Human Clinical Studies

June 03, 2015 - June 04, 2015
A confocal image of sparse GCaMP6f-expressing Purkinje cells in mouse cerebellum resembles the industrious contours of pre-dawn commuters with the NIH BRAIN Initiative logo overlaid.

As part of The BRAIN Initiative®, NIH intends to initiate a program of collaborative partnerships between clinical/academic researchers and corporate manufacturers of devices for human brain modulation and recording, to address the compelling need for a streamlined path for developing and integrating innovative new technologies for human brain research. The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Bring together stakeholders and interested parties to disseminate information on opportunities for research using latest-generation devices for CNS neuromodulation and interfacing with the brain in humans.
  • Describe the proposed NIH framework for facilitating and lowering the cost of new studies using these devices.
  • Discuss regulatory and intellectual property considerations.
  • Solicit recommendations for data coordination and access.
  • BRAIN PPP Program Goals(pdf, 87 KB)

View the Agenda(pdf, 224 KB)

Post Event Summary

Watch the videocast: Day 1 and Day 2