U24 Program

The NIH BRAIN Initiative U24 funding opportunity provides up to 5 years of support to projects aiming to broadly disseminate developed and validated tools and resources, that are highly relevant to specific goals of the BRAIN Initiative. Below are useful resources for those interested in applying to the U24 program, as well as those interested in using the tools and technologies that are being disseminated by funded U24 projects.

Key Resources 

Current U24 Projects

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Name Description Category Contact/PI
Open Ephys GUI Software for processing, recording, and visualizing multichannel electrophysiology data. Neurophysiology - Nonhuman Josh Siegle
Renewable Affinity Reagents Renewable recombinant antibodies and affinity reagents for neuroscience research. Neural Histology Jim Trimmer
MoSeq An interactive pipeline and toolkit for unsupervised discovery of repeated motifs in 3D video of freely behaving mice. Behavioral Neuroscience Sandeep Robert Datta
Two-photon spectrometer Resource for multiphoton characterization of genetically-encoded fluorescent probes. Connectomics Mikhail Drobizhev
PIE Foundry A service to expand access to polymer-based microelectrode arrays, by providing user training, quality control testing, and custom-made devices and tools. Neurophysiology - Nonhuman Ellis Meng
OpenScope A community-driven brain observatory for large-scale systems neuroscience. Neurophysiology - Nonhuman Jerome Lecoq
Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) Neurodata Without Borders: Neurophysiology (NWB:N) is a data standard for neurophysiology, providing neuroscientists with a common standard to share, archive, use, and build analysis tools for neurophysiology data. Neuroinformatics Oliver Ruebel
DataJoint Elements Standardized workflows for neurophysiology experiments, managing data and automated analyses. Neuroinformatics Dimitri Yatsenko
OpenMind Software Tools Documented software code developed and shared by OpenMind Consortium members to faciliate research using bidirectional deep-brain stimulation devices. Neurophysiology - Human Heather Dawes
OpenMind Regulatory Resources An Open Science Framework webiste hosting shared regulatory and technical information relating to the use of bidirectional deep-brain stimulation devices in clinical research. Neurophysiology - Human Heather Dawes
BCI2000 A general-purpose software platform for research and development of adaptive neurotechnologies. Neurophysiology - Human Peter Brunner
Microscopy core facility Tools and training for serial section scanning electron microscopy Connectomics Jeff Lichtman
NCMIR National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research Connectomics Mark Ellisman
Addgene Antibody Open Resource Recombinant antibodies for neuroscience research in plasmid/protein format and data about their usage Neural Histology Melina Fan
NeuroJSON JSON-based open standards and tools to make neuroimaging data human-readable, universally parsable, reusable and discoverable Neuroinformatics Qianqian Fang
Brain Modeling Tools: BMTK Comprehensive user support and a dissemination platform for the software tools that facilitate many aspects of modeling in neuroscience, including the Brain Modeling ToolKit (BMTK) software suite for model building/simulation. Neuroinformatics Anton Arkhipov
Brain Modeling Tools: VND Comprehensive user support and a dissemination platform for the software tools that facilitate many aspects of modeling in neuroscience, including the Visual Neuronal Dynamics (VND), which offers powerful 3D visualization capabilities for neuronal network models. Neuroinformatics Anton Arkhipov
Brain Modeling Tools: SONATA Comprehensive user support and a dissemination platform for the software tools that facilitate many aspects of modeling in neuroscience, including the SONATA file format for efficient storage of model and simulation data. Neuroinformatics Anton Arkhipov
Human Neocortical Neurosolver (HNN) The Human Neocortical Neurosolver (HNN) is an open source software platform for cellular and circuit level investigation of human magneto- and electro-encephalography (MEG/EEG) signals.  Neuroinformatics Stephanie Jones 
MAPseq/BARseq Core Facility Providing services and consultations on mapping long-range projections of neurons at single-cell resolution by cellular barcoding and sequencing Circuit Analysis Reagents Huiqing/Ching Zhan
Center for Advanced Motor Bio-Engineering and Research (CAMBER) Creation and dissemination of high density electrode arrays ("Myomatrix arrays") for recording muscle activity Neurophysiology- Nonhuman CAMBER team
Stanford Program for Integrated Neuroscience Technologies (SPrINT) Platform for the integration of innovative technologies in animal behavior, disease models, neuroimaging, gene and viral vector technologies and human brain organogenesis to external investigators Behavioral Neuroscience, Circuit Analysis Reagents Emily Chu