Funded Awards

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Title Investigator Institute Fiscal Year FOA Number Status Project Number
Ecker, Joseph R Salk Institute For Biological Studies 2017 RFA-MH-17-225 Active 1U19MH114831-01
Huang, Eric J Kriegstein, Arnold (contact) University Of California, San Francisco 2017 RFA-MH-17-210 Active 1U01MH114825-01
Gee, James C Hawrylycz, Michael (contact) Martone, Maryann E Ng, Lydia Lup-ming Philippakis, Anthony Allen Institute 2017 RFA-MH-17-215 Active 1U24MH114827-01
Huang, Z Josh Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2017 RFA-MH-17-225 Complete 1U19MH114821-01
Zeng, Hongkui Allen Institute 2017 RFA-MH-17-225 Complete 1U19MH114830-01
Feng, Guoping Massachusetts Institute Of Technology 2017 RFA-MH-17-210 Active 1U01MH114819-01
Lein, Ed Allen Institute 2017 RFA-MH-17-210 Active 1U01MH114812-01
Ascoli, Giorgio A Dong, Hong-wei (contact) Lim, Byungkook University Of Southern California 2017 RFA-MH-17-230 Active 1U01MH114829-01
Dong, Hong-wei Tao, Huizhong Whit Zhang, Li I (contact) University Of Southern California 2018 RFA-MH-17-230 Active 1U01MH116990-01
Osten, Pavel Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2017 RFA-MH-17-230 Active 1U01MH114824-01
Dong, Hong-wei Yang, Xiangdong William (contact) University Of California Los Angeles 2018 RFA-MH-17-230 Active 1U01MH117079-01
Boas, David A Fischl, Bruce (contact) Massachusetts General Hospital 2018 RFA-MH-17-210 Active 1U01MH117023-01
Chun, Jerold Zhang, Kun (contact) University Of California, San Diego 2018 RFA-MH-17-210 Active 1U01MH114828-01A1
Chung, Kwanghun Massachusetts Institute Of Technology 2018 RFA-MH-17-210 Active 1U01MH117072-01