Funded Awards

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Title Investigator Institute Fiscal Year FOA Number Status Project Number
Adolphs, Ralph (contact) Howard, Matthew A. Poldrack, Russell A California Institute Of Technology 2018 RFA-NS-17-019 Active 1U01NS103780-01
Beauchamp, Michael S (contact) Schroeder, Charles E Baylor College Of Medicine 2019 RFA-NS-19-001 Active 1U01NS113339-01
Baltuch, Gordon H (contact) Gold, Joshua I University Of Pennsylvania 2017 RFA-NS-17-019 Active 1U01NS103799-01
Mamelak, Adam Nathaniel Rutishauser, Ueli (contact) Cedars-sinai Medical Center 2017 RFA-NS-17-019 Active 1U01NS103792-01
Suthana, Nanthia A University Of California Los Angeles 2017 RFA-NS-17-019 Active 1U01NS103802-01
Kahana, Michael Jacob University Of Pennsylvania 2019 RFA-NS-19-001 Active 1U01NS113198-01