Funded Awards

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Title Investigator Institute Fiscal Year FOA Number Status Project Number
White, Owen R University Of Maryland Baltimore 2017 RFA-MH-17-255 Active 1R24MH114788-01
Hawrylycz, Michael (contact) Lein, Ed Martone, Maryann E Mungall, Christopher J Parkinson, Helen Elizabeth Regev, Aviv Scheuermann, Richard H Allen Institute 2020 RFA-MH-19-146 Active 1RF1MH123220-01
Bruchez, Marcel P Ropelewski, Alexander J (contact) Watkins, Simon C Carnegie-mellon University 2017 RFA-MH-17-255 Active 1R24MH114793-01
Rokem, Ariel Shalom University Of Washington 2019 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH121868-01
Kimmel, Bruce VIDRIO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 2018 RFA-MH-17-257 Active R24MH114811
Opitz, Alexander University Of Minnesota 2019 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH117428-01A1
Poldrack, Russell A Stanford University 2017 RFA-MH-17-256 Active 1R24MH114705-01
Wester, Brock A. Johns Hopkins University 2018 RFA-MH-17-255 Active 1R24MH114785-01A1
Delorme, Arnaud Majumdar, Amitava Makeig, Scott (contact) Poldrack, Russell A University Of California, San Diego 2019 RFA-MH-19-145 Active 1R24MH120037-01
Craddock, Richard Cameron Milham, Michael Peter (contact) Child Mind Institute, Inc. 2018 RFA-MH-17-257 Active 1R24MH114806-01A1
Cohen, Jonathan D Norman, Kenneth A (contact) Princeton University 2020 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH125318-01
Hamilton, Carol M Research Triangle Institute 2018 RFA-MH-17-256 Active 1R24MH114683-01A1
Hawrylycz, Michael Mitra, Partha Pratim (contact) Wang, Yusu Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2020 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH125317-01
Medvedev, Andrei V Georgetown University 2020 RFA-MH-20-120 Active 1RF1MH123192-01
Ghosh, Satrajit Sujit (contact) Halchenko, Yaroslav O Massachusetts Institute Of Technology 2019 RFA-MH-19-145 Active 1R24MH117295-01A1
Duncan, Dominique Pouratian, Nader Toga, Arthur W (contact) University Of Southern California 2018 RFA-MH-17-255 Active 1R24MH114796-01A1
Fan, Chun Chieh (contact) Thompson, Wesley K University Of California, San Diego 2020 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH120025-01A1
Van Hooser, Stephen D Brandeis University 2018 RFA-MH-17-256 Active 1R24MH114678-01A1
Edwards, Stephen Anthony; Kepecs, Adam (contact) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2019 RFA-MH-19-146 Active 1RF1MH120034-01
Priebe, Carey Vogelstein, Joshua T (contact) Johns Hopkins University 2020 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH123233-01
Hertzano, Ronna (contact) White, Owen R University Of Maryland Baltimore 2018 RFA-MH-17-257 Active 1R24MH114815-01A1
Welch, Joshua University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor 2020 RFA-MH-20-120 Active 1RF1MH123199-01
Sepehrband, Farshid University Of Southern California 2020 RFA-MH-20-120 Active 1RF1MH123223-01
Papademetris, Xenophon (contact) Scheinost, Dustin Yale University 2017 RFA-MH-17-257 Active 1R24MH114805-01
Liu, Xiao Pennsylvania State University-univ Park 2020 RFA-MH-20-120 Active 1RF1MH123247-01
Ghosh, Satrajit Sujit Massachusetts Institute Of Technology 2020 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH121885-01A1
Ng, Lydia Lup-ming Ruebel, Oliver (contact) University Of Calif-lawrenc Berkeley Lab 2018 RFA-MH-17-256 Active 1R24MH116922-01
Fischl, Bruce Iglesias Gonzalez, Juan Eugenio (contact) Massachusetts General Hospital 2020 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH123195-01
Poldrack, Russell A Stanford University 2018 RFA-MH-17-255 Active 1R24MH117179-01
Gray Roncal, William R Johns Hopkins University 2017 RFA-MH-17-257 Active 1R24MH114799-01
Mukamel, Eran A University Of California, San Diego 2019 RFA-MH-19-147 Active 1RF1MH120015-01
Keator, David Bryant University Of California-irvine 2019 RFA-MH-19-146 Active 1RF1MH120021-01